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Delphi Win32 development in Visual Studio

Why am I doing this?

I have written a large amount of code in Delphi and it's IDE has too many issues. Also the Delphi IDE has features that I do not like or just do not work. If you feel the same way that I do then please help me with testing if you can. However if you do not feel the way I do, good, I am happy for you and I would suggest you continue using Delphi's IDE.

Here are some reasons I am building this product.
  1. My code mostly has COM and is not visual code.
  2. I have seen many issues in the type library editor.
  3. I use a source code control system and the .DOF, RES, DPR, CFG file change too often
  4. I want code projects in one IDE and you like Visual Studio
  5. I plan to migrate from Delphi Win32 to C#

What features will be supported in the first beta?
  • MSBuild project management under solutions
  • Binary files like .RES, .TLB files can be used but will not be required project files
  • A compiled Delphi for Visual Studio project can be loaded in Delphi 7 IDE
  • A text based resource file (.RC) can be used instead that will compile to .RES
  • Project properties dialog to update the MSBuild project
  • Type library files will be edited by the .IDL file and compiled to .TLB
  • Syntax high lighting
  • Project items : Unit, Type Library (IDL), and Text File
  • Folder links to search paths
  • File links to files outside of the Delphi project
  • Project compilation and execution

Features like form design, intelli sense and debugging will not be in first beta.

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