Should Delphi for Visual Studio support Delphi 2007 project files?

May 30, 2007 at 4:22 AM
Delphi 2007's project files supports MSBuild and can now do post and p recompiled events. This also means that if my code reads and writes .dproj files it will be compatible with Delphi 2007. Also it would be able to use the build task that CodeGear has developed.

The main problem with that tough is CodeGear has prevented users from editing the .dproj file by over writing it every time a user saves the project. This means custom items added are deleted from .dproj file. So if I wanted to make it compatible I would lose information my code needed each time a project was opened and saved by Delphi 2007. In comparison Visual studio does not do this if you open you .csproj file and add times you want they will stay there even if you make changes to the project and save them.

To understand what I mean edit a .csproj and add a comment anywhere in the file, then open it up in visual studio and make some major changes like adding and deleting project files then reopen it in notepad. You will see your comment still there.

Now do the same for a .dproj file but open, edit and save it using Delphi 2007 and you will see the comment is wiped out.

This poses a problem as I will not be able to add my own XML items that Delphi 2007 would need to preserve but ignore during loading. My project meta data items will provide added features in Delphi for Visual Studio that Delphi 2007 do not provide.

So will I support the project file? I think I might because I will be able to compile the project in Visual studio without any additional work, however I will not change my project extension from .delphiproj to .dproj since the Delphi 2007 wipes my custom XML settings.

I would like to hear some comments on this if anyone is listening.

Mr Dee.

Jun 12, 2007 at 9:48 PM
And I was listening :-)

We are working on very simlar issues, our primary aim is to create D.Net compatible with VS. We have the same IDE issues and under .Net IDE performs pathetically slow when debugging. VS does the debugging of D.Net code without any performance issues, but in the absence of known codedom and language services, it has some weirdness.

Our plan is to create full support for under Visual Studio (we already have MSBuild tasks that compiles both and delphi.win32) that can be used to do regular development activities.

My opinion for this specific question is to use a different project file Visual Studio. Delphi (i am not sure about 2007, still to check its behavior) IDE puts in so much junk in the bdsproj files that makes it hard to maintain in a multi-developer environment. The most annoying of these issues is its habit of adding absolute paths to the project file. I agree that the issue you talk about is also is disruptive. So it will be better to use a different project file.

I just found this project today, I will be visiting again to go through your work items and comment on it.

Thank you for taking the lead